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The Next Thing

November 14, 2013

“Just do the next thing you have to do.”


I’m sure you’ve heard this quote also. I depend on it often. It is a great reminder when I am stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, or busy! Sometimes it’s all you can do.


So the past few weeks that has been my motto.


Now, I don’t want to imply that I’ve had a depressing or stressful few weeks. Stressful at times, but stress CAN be good.


The truth is, much of my last month has been awesome! But, it has been busy and it did require many days of just doing the next thing on the list.


Blog posts were on the list—but obviously—they were never the next thing.


I have at least one encouraging friend who would tell me—and has before—that writing will come. When it is all over, I’ll have many wonderful things to write about!


I know for a fact that I have been inspired to write many times over the past month. After all, I had my twin nieces here for three weeks and we traveled all over the Southeast visiting family, saw the ocean, and just spent wonderful time together.


There were many blog-able moments. The problem is they slip away, don’t they? It flits through my head, I should blog about that, and then it is gone. Oh, I know. I should write it down. But, often those thoughts flit through my mind while I’m driving, as I doze off to sleep at night, in the middle of a conversation. Never when I can write them down.


I sometimes am sad at the stories I am not writing down. They could be lost forever.


Ah, but not forever. God remembers. If He reminds me of them, then I’ll write about them! How’s that for a plan? It works for me!


So, the next couple of months doesn’t look any less busy. I have work, a conference, a book signing, Thanksgiving, travel for Christmas, and hopefully the release of the third in the Double Cousins Mystery series with all of the hoopla that requires!


So, I’m going to put the blog posts on the to-do list again. This time closer to the top. We’ll see how that goes!