A Letter From Max and Carly!

Dear Fans,

We were looking through some old photos at Grandpa Johnson’s house this Christmas and look what we found! As you will see it’s us in Grandpa’s barn a couple of years ago. It was chilly that day!


We were getting ready to go riding and Dorie came around with Grandma’s camera. Boy, was that a fun day.



Here’s another picture. This one is of the front cover of our latest adventure!

Click to Pre-order!

Click to Pre-order!

We are so excited that you can pre-order now on Amazon! Click the photo if you want to get your copy as soon as possible!
Happy New Year!
Max and Carly
P.S. I told Carly it’s ok she gets the cover. Next time it will be MY turn!  BYE,  MAX

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