Peace and Desist

Monday I was driving up the mountain, listening to music and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. The trees have hints of the glory to come with the fall colors, yet the summer wildflowers are still riotously blooming in the ditches.

As I drove, I listened to a CD. Music calms me and keeps me awake and Monday I needed both. After working all night Sunday and sleeping most of the day I was intent on safely getting up the mountain. As to the calming aspect, let’s just say these past weeks have not gone as I planned. At all.

Instead of the schedule I put together, there has been one put together by God. Or rather, let me put it this way. There hasn’t been one. I like to say that “I must have a plan. Now, the plan can change many times and I can adjust, but I must have a plan.”

God seems to be testing this.

Not only has the plan I planned not happened, but I’ve been forced to live day by day. Believe me; it’s not been very pretty.

So, here I was focusing on safe driving, music, and beauty when a song wiggled its way into my brain and brought back a memory.

The song is “Don’t Be Afraid” by Roger and Debbie Bennett. It starts out with the story of the disciples and Jesus in the boat during the storm. Immediately, a memory popped into my head and I giggled.

I was instantly back in a Sunday School room in Rapid City with my class of 4-6 year-olds. That Sunday it was just my niece and nephew. As a way to review the previous week’s lesson I asked them if they remembered what Jesus said to calm the storm.

Their little brows furrowed, they stared into space, and tipped their little heads, then my sunshiny niece jerked upright and she offered this answer:

“Peace and desist?”

Now, what I wanted to do was sit down on the floor and laugh. But I chuckled to myself and answered something like, “Close. I think it was ‘peace be still’.”

Later, I discovered that when the children at their house got too noisy, my brother-in-law would say “Cease and Desist.” So, she wasn’t far off and she certainly had the right idea.

Then, another phrase from the song crossed through the post night-shift fog.

“So when the world says it’s over, the Master says, ‘No, I’ve just begun’”

That phrase took my breath away. There are some big requests for which I continue to pray. There are those seemingly impossible situations for which I have to trust Him. Then there are the ones I’m facing now. Not so big. Just normal life tests and trials, but believe me, when it messes with “my PLAN” it seems bigger than it is.

But, the truth is this: the same God who calmed the storm and said “Peace and Desist” still calms the storms in my life. WOW!

When I arrived at our house in the mountains and looked at Facebook I found one of those posters with an inspirational quote.

“Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.” 

So there you have it, “lesson of the week from God to Miriam”. . . pretty sure!

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Buy me, now!


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One Response to “Peace and Desist”

  1. Vonda Skelton Says:

    Love this, Miriam! What a beautiful truth out of the mouths of babes. Take the peace He offers and quit fighting it!

    Praying for you today, sweet friend…

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